Thursday, September 22, 2011

First post

So, I've been wanting to get a blog for a long time. I always thought it'd be neat to keep a sort of diary to splurt out my feelings when I'm having either a really good or a really bad day.

I'm a regular ol' college student: always stressed, always trying to meet deadlines, never sleeping, and never being free from distraction.
The University of New Mexico enrolled 29,000 students this year. That's almost three times more people than my very small hometown in SE New Mexico, about four and a half hours away. I never thought I would consider myself homesick, because I always wanted to get out of such a small town. But, boy, I'm always homesick. I miss my family, my friends and even my high school teachers.

I'm always doing homework. I actually feel really bad for setting up this blog right now, but it's a definite stress reliever. Here's my homework for the rest of the week and the weekend:

Yes, those are post-it notes on the side of my mini-fridge. First is English homework, then Latin, Philosophy, Statistics, and Music Appreciation. Then a shopping list. (I need to buy more post-it notes.)

Well, I hope to get some followers, and if not, that's okay too. If anyone read this, or even part of it, sweet!
Have a fanchapstic evening.

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