Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sixth day.

    First I will discuss my opinion of mainstream music. But before I could start writing, I wanted to google mainstream music to see what it is exactly. Here's a portion of the "Mainstream" article I found on Wikipedia:
          "Mainstream music denotes music that is familiar and unthreatening to the masses, as for example popular music, pop music, middle of the road music, pop rap or pop rock."

    So basically, whatever the "top 40" is at the moment, correct? Sure, I like mainstream music. Most of the time. Well, let me take that back and replace it with a "sometimes." I sold my car quite a few months ago so I don't have a car. Therefore, I don't drive and listen to the radio anymore. I never listen to new music. When I ride in friends' cars and the radio is on, I'm usually saying things like, "what is this crap?" or "is this a new song?" to which they reply "good music" and "no" respectively. 

    Sure, I like Adele, Lady Gaga, Fun and other "mainstream music" but I don't listen to a lot of it. I don't really have one set genre of music that I listen to, I kind of just listen to good music. I like SHILO, Sublime, Modest Mouse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, PUSA, The Morning Benders, Bon Iver, Old Crow Medicine Show, etc.

    Here's a picture to represent childhood:

Yeah that's me looking like Alicia Keys and holding a goat.

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