Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Was it worth it? Yes.

Thanks, Jos! :)
    Sometimes, this random laziness sweeps over me and I don't feel like doing anything, including walking. Lackadaisical should be my middle name. Today, the laziness feeling returned when two of my friends, Torey and Joslyn, and I walked out of Music Appreciation and were going to eat lunch together. I realized they were riding their bikes, and I was going to have to walk behind them. Man, seriously? I did not want have to run to catch up to them, because I know them and I knew they would peddle fast just to make it impossible for me. Joslyn's bike has this adjustable rack right behind the seat of the bicycle. I selfishly hopped on the rack and Joslyn proceeded to peddle double her weight, surprisingly with very little complaints. If I were her, I would have complained the whole time. While Joslyn and I were cycling around campus -- well she was doing the labor; I was leisurely enjoying the ride -- many students, probably everyone we passed by, and myself were laughing hysterically at how frivolous we must have looked. In order to not have to go down any stairs, we went down this tricky handicapped ramp. There were speed bumps on the ramp, and she rode over them, almost knocking me off of the bike. I held on to her in an attempt to stabilize myself, and when I did that, she also lost her balance and we rode into a wide pole and fell. We sustained injuries such as scrapes, cuts and bruises on our shins, ankles and knees, but I think the thing that was hurt the most was our pride. Two people, not including Torey, witnessed the scene and came over to ask if we were okay while simultaneously laughing their asses off. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I couldn't see anything, but not because of the pain, even though there was plenty of that going on. I was laughing the hardest I had laughed in long, long time.

Mine and Joslyn's injuries respectively:

& have a splendiferous day.
I'm going to put an ice pack on my swollen ankle now.


  1. hahahahahaha

    you're right, reading it on the blog was worth it. <3
    at least you didn't have like, 1,000 witnesses to your fall, all of the male species like I did a couple of weeks ago..

    lesson learned: never wear traction-less flip flops in the rain, on concrete, when running to work because you're late... because you Will slip. You Will fall. You Will catch yourself like a ninja, while simultaneously scraping the crap out of your knee. And there Will be 15 guys all there to witness it and as you if you're okay in your stumble of shame...

    awesome. :)

  2. Haha, awe, dude! That sucks. Glad you're alive and well.