Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Every day I miss it just a little bit more.

I wasn't planning on going home to visit for six weeks after I was down for fall break, despite this obvious, gaping hole in my heart. I haven't been and will not be able to hitch rides from friends, I still have some infectious disease, and mine and Tyler's schedules continue to conflict. I called my mother the other day to tell her I wanted to go home this weekend, knowing it is not to be in my weekend forecast. It's been a pretty rough week. My mother and one of her coworkers composed a (very silly) list of things for me to do in Albuquerque so I can force the time to seem like it's going by faster. She also included two recipes: one for cream of green chili soup and the other for peanut butter cookies. Thank you, mom, for one of the most random list of things to do of all time. I do need to correct my mother, though, on number three. I do not own a skateboard; I own a long board. I really appreciate how she did not add "Study your Latin," "Be nice to your roommate" or "Stop bitching" to the list. I'm (not really) sorry to announce I will not have to look at this list next weekend because a friend offered me a ride home! It seems as if I may survive. I just have to get through next week first.

Here is the list: 
1. Read "The Help."
2. Watch movies on Netflix.
3. Skateboard around campus.
4. Ride the bus to the zoo or aquarium. 
5. Take pictures.
6. Play your flute.
7. Go to the library and find a book.
8. Blog.
9. Research famous journalists.
10. Call your sister's friends.
11. Ride the Railrunner to Santa Fe.
12. Get some yarn and crochet a scarf.
13. Go eat lunch at the 66 Diner.
14. Cook spaghetti.
15. Get on a Wikipedia loop.
16. Make a Christmas/Hanukkah wishlist.
17. Draw a picture.
18. Go to the New Mexico History Museum.
19. Go to Buffalo Exchange.
20. Make pancakes.

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  1. Looks like a great list! I still need to read The Help. Aww and I used to play the flute:-)

    P.S. I changed my domain for my blog! :-)