Friday, March 9, 2012

Day four!

Day four of 30 day challenges!

•Woke up
•Went to English.
•Discussed project runway
•Read the kony 2012 response to the Washington post article
•Watched a documentary about genetically-modified food in Human Geography
•Went to Anthropology
•Put on make up
•Took off make up
•Thought about Tyler
•Went to Artesia with Torey and Destiny
•Kissed Tyler
•Punched Tyler
•Gave Tyler his birthday present (a canteen!)
•Gave Tyler a letter I wrote
•Made fun of Tyler for reading slow
•Went to the post office with Tyler
•Took pictures with Tyler
•Went to the newspaper
•Went to the shop
•Watched Tyler organize SHILO's music equipment
•Watched Tyler set up video lights
•Got bored while Tyler held auditions for the music video
•Kissed Tyler
•Went to a friends house
•Watched Tyler make me a triple-decker pb&j
•Ate a triple-decker pb&j
•Had a Rubik's cube battle royale with Tyler
•Came back to Tyler's house
•Wrote a blog

Now I'm supposed to take a picture of my favorite color, but since my favorite color is green, I'm going to take a picture with my favorite boyfriend, Tyler Green.

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