Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Days 11-15. Oops.

I've been busy, so sue me. Actually, please don't because I don't have any money. The last blog I did was five days ago and I apologize. I will just have to stuff five blogs into one. Recap of the past few days: I went rock climbing with Tyler and one of his friends, Cory, on Friday. I also got to climb with one of the strongest rock climbers in the world, Fred Nicole, on Saturday. Also, I snuck into a bar in order to listen to this awesome band play, went to a party in which the cops got called because of a noise complaint five blocks away and then I came back to Albuquerque, went back to school and went to a doctor's appointment. All but the last few events sound pretty gnarly, right? Because I totally had a blast. Oh! And today is Tyler's birthday! Happy birthday to him. I love that man.

Okay, back to the point of this blog. 

Day 11: My family.
I suppose I'll start with my mom. She's pretty awesome. She makes some delicious enchiladas and sews a lot. She's fun.

My sister, Monica, is the oldest of my siblings. She's nice sometimes, but mostly she's incredibly maternal, which is not always a good thing when I hang out with her, but probably a good thing when it comes to her son. She always has healthy food in her house like rice milk, soy cheese, etc. She's good at cleaning and decorating. She's also fun.

My other sister, Susan, is the next oldest. She's really crafty like my mom and has three kids. I don't know how she finds time to sleep. I don't think her and Monica have much in common, which is kind of strange since they're only two years apart. She's fun.

My brother, Kevin, is the third oldest, but a whole six years older than I am. Honestly, he's one of the funniest people I know. I haven't talked to him in what feels like forever, but oh well. He's fun.

That's my family in a nutshell. They're fun.

Day 12: Five guys whom I find attractive.
Haha, seriously? This is dumb. Okay, here I go.

Dee-you-in. DUN.

Day 13: My opinion about my body and how comfortable I am with it.
Well basically, I'm you're average girl, therefore I am forced to hate everything about my body. That includes my hair color, length and texture, my hand and finger size, length and shape, how far apart my eyes are, my crooked smile, my not-so-perfect teeth, my size eleven feet, my height, my short eyelashes, my stomach, my thighs, my weak arm muscles, etc. Yeah, most of these things bother me. But the only things I can control about my body are my weight and my muscles, everything else is what makes me Elizabeth. I'm slowly learning to be okay with my flaws. Obviously, I have a family, friends and a boyfriend who love me for who I am, so why would I try and change anything? The important thing is to be healthy. 

Day 14: What I wore today.

From head to toe:

Grey beanie with brim - Borrowed

Grey shirt with an attached scarf - $5 from Buffalo Exchange

Simple grey cardigan - Borrowed

Blue calculator watch - Gift from my mom

Black leggings - $5 from Walmart

Boot socks - DIY from $5 leggings from American Eagle (on the right)

Green to-the-knee boots - $8 from Express (on the right)

Day 15: My zodiac/horoscope and if I think it fits my personality.
If I'm going to get technical, and I'm always technical, I was born on the cusp. Being born on the cusp of two zodiac signs means I have some traits from both signs. According to some horoscopes, I'm a Leo, to others I'm a Cancer. Oddly enough, these signs totally contradict each other. The Leo sign is the lion, which means I'm outgoing, loud, boisterous and annoying, whereas the Cancer is a crab, meaning I'm quiet, an introvert and I have hermit tendencies. I think both signs fit me depending on certain situations.

Now for the picture challenge!

Day 11: Something fun.
(These are hats I made! Want one?
I'll make one for you. Just tell me
what colors and give me $8.)

Day 12: Close-up.
(A close-up of my desk.)

Day 13: From a distance.
(My desk from a distance.)

Day 14: Flowers.
(Flowers Tyler bought me two months ago today. 
They're kind of dead, but I can't throw them away just yet.)

Day 15: My shoes.
 (This is about half of my collection. 
The rest are in Artesia.)

That was fun. Again, sorry I haven't blogged in five days.
Have a good week!

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