Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 16-21.

I decided it's easier for me to write these blogs, not to mention a lot more fun to read these blogs, if I do more than one challenge in a post. Also, I'm lazy as the weekend has just ended. This has definitely been a laid-back kind of weekend. I took a thirty minute shower yesterday! (Usually they're only 5-10 minutes) I even painted my fingernails.

So here we go:

Day 16: Something I always think "what if" about.
Well, being a freshman in college, I'm always thinking about what I should major in. Lately, I've been really wanting to own my own clothing store. My mom has made me make things my whole life, so before I hated it, but recently, I've been falling in love with the idea of making my own wardrobe. It's so easy and I love doing it. I also really love thrifting for clothes. I think I could successfully open a business that incorporated both of those things: my own clothing line and used clothing, preferably vintage-esque. What if...

Day 17: Something I'm proud of.
My old room back home never managed to stay clean when I lived there. There were always clothes on the floor, dirty dishes on the bedside tables, school papers galore.. One time I found a hamburger under my bed. That's a story for another time. Anyway, my room here has stayed (mostly) clean and I'm so proud of that. When I went home to visit the last time during spring break, I cleaned my old room and threw away 20+ bags of trash. I think I was a hoarder in a past life. :/

Day 18: A problem I've had.
My life is pretty stress-free at the moment. The only thing I have trouble coping with is the long distance relationship I'm in. It gets pretty tough at times. Yesterday morning when I woke up, I thought I was home.. That is, until I opened my eyes to see my small dorm room here in Albuquerque. I was pretty bummed.

Day 19: Five items I lust after.
I'm assuming "items I lust after" simply means I want them, right? Well, that's what I'm going to write about.
After staring at the computer screen for five minutes, I can't think of anything I really, really want besides Tyler, a sewing machine and endless yards of fabric.

Day 20: My fears.
Well, I knew I would have to blog about this some day. Here I go.
1. Corduroy. Yes, the fabric. The texture of corduroy reminds me of dead bunnies in tire tracks. When I was a young, I lived out in the middle of nowhere and I would see a dead bunny or two every day. Gross.
2. Death. Well, not so much dying as not living a fulfilling life before I die.
That's it!

Day 21: How I hope my future will be like.
Well, how far into the future are we talking? I guess it's me who decides that.
Let's see. Five years from today, it will be March 26, 2017, a Sunday. I'll be twenty-three. I would like to be sitting on a porch swing with Tyler at our house drinking lemonade we made ourselves from hand-squeezed lemons and eating chips and salsa. 
In ten years, March 26, 2022, a Saturday, I'll be 28 and Tyler will be 36. I picture us grocery shopping for lemons and salsa. I picture us planning weekends jaunts to visit family. I picture living somewhere near a plethora of trees and me owning my own vintage/handmade boutique. Too far-fetched? Nah.
Yeah, that's as far as I'm going because thinking too far into the future always reminds me that I'm going to die. Ha, well that concludes the blog part of this challenge.

Now, the pictures!

Day 16: What I ate.

(Half a grilled cheese, half a bagel and a hummus wrap.)

Day 17: On the shelf.

(A mini-stapler, quite a few issues of Rolling Stone, a stuffed animal Tyler got me for Valentine's Day, hackey sacks, a photo album Tyler got me with pictures of us and some books.)

Day 18: In my bag.

(picture of one of my nephews, keys, chapstick, plastic cutlery, receipts, three pencils, a pen and my wallet with my unsightly IDs.

Day 19: Where I slept.

(Camera phone picture. Sue me. This is my bed.)

Day 20: What I read.

(Books. Good books.)

Day 21: Pretty pattern.
(Roommate just fell asleep, so I took pictures with my phone because my camera is too loud. Boo. This is my Kleenex box.)

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