Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dirty dishes and everything malicious.

Floor plan of my room.
    For some reason, as the Chodemeister (she is introduced here) proceeded to Skype her mother at the "reasonable" hour of eleven tonight - take note, quiet hours here in the dorms are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. - she became irritated very quickly. She and her mom were yelling at each other. Well, I'm assuming her mom was yelling, as Hodey (that's a new one; thanks Tyler) had her headphones in. I could be mistaken though, for Chode is a bitch and I can imagine her yelling at her mother for no reason.

    Anyway, so she was yelling, I couldn't take anymore of hearing her annoying, unpleasant voice, so I put on some pants, put on a sweatshirt, and got the fuck out of my room. I slammed the door and everything. The last thing I heard was a "damn" coming from Chode's fat mouth.
Floor plan of Torey's room.
(Rich bastard.)

    I called my friend, Torey, to see if I could stay at his apartment-styled dorm (the SRCs) or at least hang out over there for a little while, but he never answered his phone. (He's notorious for missing phone calls.) So I went over to his place and knocked on his window. I'm sure that sounds a little creepy, but whatever. Everyone who knows Torey and can't get a hold of him knocks on his window. There's no other way to get in contact with the guy unless you chase him down. His lights were off: bad sign. He wasn't in his room. I knocked on his window anyway: no answer. Another bad sign. So I sat on a bench outside of the dorms and then saw one of Torey's nice roommates and one of the RAs for the dorms Torey stays in, Shane, doing his midnight "rounds." (Rounds: (n) Walks around the SRCs three times per day and make sure there's not any parties going on, no drugs, etc.)  talked with Shane for awhile. He talked about his Geology class and how he was majoring in Geology, how old the Sandia Mountains were, and how New Mexico used to be covered in water and was actually in the shallow part of the ocean. Yeah, totally interesting.

    Right. So then I went in to Torey's apartment where me, Shane, his girlfriend, and another roommate tried to finish this ridiculous, nautical-themed 2000 piece puzzle of Torey's. I got about three pieces together, put my initials on all of the ones i put together with a sharpie (hopefully Torey won't get too mad. Eh, he won't), and called it a night. I came back to my room and blogged about it. Overall, I think this is going to be an alright day. Let's just get Stats 145 out of the way at 11 and then I shall sleep the rest of the day.

    Goodnight, all!


  1. you're a magnificent blogger.

  2. dangit- i'm so sorry for the terrible roommate situation. i've been there. at least you got a history lesson on le sandias!! Ole!