Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Freshman fifteen.

I've only worn jeans a handful of times in the seven or so weeks I've lived here, today being one of those times. I absolutely despise pants, jeans being the number one item on my "Clothes I Hate" list. (Will someone buy me this shirt?) Have you ever wondered why Levi Strauss never married and died alone? Obviously because he invented the most constrictive clothing item to ever put on a person's body. I seriously cannot comprehend why people wear them as much as they do. I would much rather wear a dress, some leggings, jeggings or shorts. Actually, I would much rather wear a clown suit any day of the week than wear a pair of  jeans. However, I seriously need to do multiple loads of laundry, so this morning I pulled my 'fat jeans' out of my pants drawer, the most loathed drawer in my dresser, and slipped them on. To my surprise, I kind of struggled, meaning they were tight and more uncomfortable than I ever would have imagined. I tried convincing myself they shrunk the last time I did laundry. I thought about changing, but checked the time and decided it was already too late, so I went and took my Statistics test whilst wearing the abominable pants. I felt pretty confident after taking the test, so I decided to treat myself to a fiesta-roll bagel and this delicious-looking strawberry-lemonade slush thing from the Satellite Coffee in the Student Union Building. Initially, I was pretty upset when I paid for a strawberry-lemonade slush in a cracked cup that I didn't realize was cracked until later, but now, I'm thanking all of the workers, for they probably noticed my recent weight gain and were trying to diminish my ample calorie intake. Have a nice day, y'all.

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