Monday, October 10, 2011

It's days like these..

    Before I left home (and started calling Albuquerque my new home) I would have never thought I would be that one loser who always misses their hometown. I always told everyone how excited I was to leave Artesia, meet new people and start fresh. Now that I'm gone, it's a completely different story; there's this definite void in my heart whenever I'm up here. I thought I could fill it with unhealthy (and disgusting) cafeteria food, drinking $100 worth of coffee a month, watching and laughing at funny television shows I stream online, unprofessionally piercing my nose and tons of (online) window shopping, but it's still there. I think I'm a tad homesick, even though I absolutely do not want to admit it. Whatever, I'm sure the feeling of being new to ABQ will pass soon enough.
    I got two letters in the mail today, one from my mom and one from the like of my life, Tyler. The one from my mom made me laugh; the one from Tyler made me cry. Granted, the tears were mostly from laughing really hard because it was a happy (un) birthday card with a cow on it, but I also had a plethora of pathetic tears rolling down my cheeks because the card was super sweet and I miss the hell out of him.
Thanks, mom.
    I'm going home on Wednesday. Three of my four classes are cancelled that day and I couldn't be happier. I'll be out of Albucrazy by noon so I can see Tyler and my mom and say hello to everyone else I've been missing. Those five days of catching up with people I miss better get here soon.
    Oh, and sorry for complaining; that letter I received from my mom today told me to stop bitching on my blog. Oops. Thanks for still keeping me in check, mom. As much as I hate it, I still definitely appreciate it. Have a nice week, everyone.

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