Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't bring me down.

    The first few weeks back at campus have been relatively peaceful for Chode has been either nice or not in the same room as me. My life has been pretty awesome. Examples:

I've been working out almost every day
There's a gym on campus that I can go to anytime between 6 a.m. and.. Whenever it closes at night. It's awesome. I even had to go to a lower belt notch. I feel awesome.

Tyler sent me celebratory six-month roses
I really love that man. He makes me so happy.

I hitched rides to Artesia often
I got to see my boyfriend, my family and my friends. What's happiness without someone to share it with?

My classes this semester seem interesting
Last semester, I had to psych myself out of how boring I thought classes were. I pretended to enjoy them so I could get through them, but this semester I actually like going to class and learning big words.

I met the cast of The Buried Life
They were kind of douche baggy, but hey, I met some celebrities for the first time, excluding the time I brushed Ernie Hudson's arm.

I spent a whole adrenaline-rushed day caving and hiking
Tyler, his friend Cory and I hiked for 1.9 miles to a one million tall foot hillside where there was a cave entrance to climb up to. Even though it was strenuous exercise getting up to the top, the cave bacon and soda straws were worth it.

I saw my favorite local band, SHILO, play
They play awesome music and they're my friends. Yes.

    My life rocks, right? Yeah, it did until last night.

    I was in Artesia this weekend and as soon as my friend dropped me and my luggage off at campus, I called Tyler to let him know I safely made it back. I talked and walked upstairs to my room and tried to unlock the door. The key kept spinning around in the door knob which meant the door was unlocked. I turned the knob, walked inside and noticed Chode wasn't there.

    Not only did Chodey leave the door unlocked while we were both gone, but the things I had left on my bed were on my floor, my blanket was messed up and Chloe's side of the room was completely trashed. I just knew one of Chode's friends had slept in my bed. I got off the phone with Tyler and sent a text message to Chodey. It said, "Don't ever let someone sleep in my bed, leave the door unlocked or put my stuff on the floor again dude." Her reply, "The door was unlocked??? And omg sorry, Ji was tired. I didnt kno she put ur stuff on the ground. Im soooo sorry"

    The thing I hate most about her pathetic response? She called the floor the ground. 

    So after I found out some Asian girl slept in my bed over the weekend, I kicked Chloe's paperback print of Breaking Dawn that was on the floor as hard as I could. As soon as I kicked it, I realized it happened to be a hardback print instead of a paperback and my foot was in excruciating pain. 

Chode apologized later, and even left me a handwritten note, which I appreciated. I just hate knowing she wouldn't have acted the same if she didn't get caught.

Morals of the story:
Don't live with anyone in an 11x14 dorm room and don't kick books unless you know they're paperback.

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