Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whale ewe bee my Valentine?

    Let me start off by saying I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day. I have never really liked it, and I've especially despised those over-sized teddy bears. This time last year, you could find me in my mother's kitchen making anti-Valentine's Day cookies. I also handed out anti-Valentine's Day cards. I purchased some Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus Valentine's Day cards and wrote anti-sayings all over them with a sharpie as black as my soul. It was probably the most fun I have ever had on V-day. That is, until this year.
    You know my boyfriend Tyler? Yeah, well my eternal love for him or something made me change the way I think about the holiday. After all, I planned a big surprise Valentine's Day dinner for him a week or so before I went down to visit. I called up a few phenomenal friends to see if they were interested in helping me, and thanks to their kind hearts (and probably they're urge to prank Tyler), I kind of pulled it off.

    Here's how it went down:
    I told Tyler I had to babysit on Saturday afternoon, when in reality, I was making the best Valentine's Day dinner of all time, with my mom's and sister's help of course. I made heart-shaped pizzas, a salad and a carrot cake. I also bought some jalapeno poppers from Sonic -- our favorite. <3

    I had been in contact with Bri Green, a good friend and editor of the Artesia Daily Press, and asked her if she could call Tyler and ask him for help with "computer problems" so he could be preoccupied long enough for my mom to transport all of the food from my sister's house to his.

    When I was done "babysitting," I went to Tyler's house and saw him eating a sandwich. I was crushed and immediately, without thinking, told him to not eat it. He asked why not, and I, of course, couldn't give him a good reason not to. Bri then called him, so he stuffed the sandwich down his throat and he unwillingly went down to "help" her at the paper.

    My mom drove over with all of the food, and I made three quick trips to carry the food inside the house, two of which, I almost slipped, fell and died. I got out plates, cutlery and even lit a candle like the romantic I am. Tyler came back, saw the food and fell in love with me all over again, or at least I'm willing to bet he did, because that food was fantastic. Not to sound narcissistic, but if I had a horn, I'd be tooting it all over the place.

    Tyler then gave me my Valentine's Day presents, a stuffed animal in a cheesy Valentine's Day coffee cup and a box of chocolate, where a pocket knife was hiding inside. Also, a super cute handmade card. I love that man.

Best. Day. Ever.

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