Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 22-25.

Again, I'm liking this only-blogging-every-other-day thing. It gives me time to catch up on sleep and watch old episodes of arguably the best television show of all time, Friends. I used to take naps for granted, but now I love them. That being said, I still think they're a waste of my life. Instead of being unconscious for a couple of hours, I could be saving the world. Okay, that probably wouldn't happen if I wasn't sleeping, but I could have times for more important things. 


Day 22: My academics.
Let me just say, I was a fantastic high school student. I didn't particularly enjoy being in school, but I loved getting good grades and making people proud. Now that I'm in college it's a completely different story. I've got to say, I didn't learn too much in high school, except for English. I loved all of my English classes.. Oh, and those extra credit classes like band, drama and yearbook. Algebra, calculus, chemistry, geography, world history, government, etc? Definitely not for me. So now that I'm enrolled in classes like geology and geography, I'm clueless and I don't do so well on tests. If you're a family member and you're reading this, ignore that last sentence. Although, I have maintained a high A in English! ;)

Day 22 of picture challenge: Trees.

Day 23: Something that I miss.
Well, that's probably one of the easiest challenges I'll have to do within these thirty days. I definitely miss Tyler, but he's not a thing, so I'll have to say I miss the comfort he provides me, his companionship, hearing his heartbeat when I lay my head on his chest, the kisses he gives me on my nose, his hugs, hearing I love you and every other extremely sappy thing you can think of. Granted, I can still receive some of those things from him, but obviously it has to be from a distance. 

Day 23 of picture challenge: A sunset.

Day 24: Five words/phrases that make me laugh.
"Can you turn off the hot plate?"
"You are my flavor it person in the entire galaxy."
"Are there any vicious animals out here?"
"You have an IQ of 197,000."
"Would it be inappropriate to kiss you right now?"

Day 24 of picture challenge: A smile.

Day 25: Something I'm currently worrying about.
I'm going to have to go back to the academia portion of this blog. Like I said, I'm horrible at all things not English. Hence why I would like to be a writer one day. I think as long as I pass these stupid introductory courses that don't mean anything to me, I can move on to classes that are designated for my major. I'm crossing my fingers.

Day 25 of picture challenge: A sunflare.
(Okay, not really sure if this counts, but I didn't feel like looking for another picture so it's going to.)

Have a great day, you all.

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