Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My boyfriend and I took a trip up to Grand Junction, Colorado last week to visit his family. It was an intense trip, in that we were either driving, hiking or sleeping. We went to Moab, Utah for a couple of days, camped and visited the arches. We hiked a few miles to the Delicate Arch, which was probably the toughest hike all week. Even though it was only a few miles, it felt like more -- many, many more. I took over ten breaks just to catch my breath, but Tyler didn't have the same problem. I'm so unhealthy and I'm not exactly the fittest girl around, but I managed. When we got to the top of the mountain and saw the arch, the wind was almost blowing me away. I couldn't even stand up or walk without being knocked down. After we were done in Moab, we went back to Grand Junction, took showers and went to a restaurant called Tequila's. I ate some red, cheese enchiladas that were, in my opinion, muy delicioso. The next few days, we ventured in the mountains of Colorado, searching for fun hikes. At first, it was snowing and cold; then it was blazing hot. All in all, though, we had a fantastic time and ate a lot of food. 

Here are some pictures from our trip.

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