Monday, August 27, 2012

Tour of our home!

The boyfriend and I moved in together the first of the month. I convinced him to help me clean house the other day and bring out all of his photo gear to take some nice shots of us in our new home. 
The apartment we live in is relatively small, but it's perfect for the two of us.

Here we are in our living room. This is where we spend most of our time when awake. We watch TV, watch movies, blog, read books, play Guitar Hero, etc. Tyler's desk area is also in this room, so he's in here quite a bit. In fact, we're both in the room right now! We're both blogging.

The next room I'd like to show you is the...

Dining area/kitchen. Probably my favorite room in the apartment. I never liked making food until I started living with Tyler. Now I make food every night and I love it! I'll be sharing some recipes sometime soon. Note the zombie portrait of Tyler on the far wall done by one of our extremely talented friends, Juli. There's also a Rolling Stone poster of Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart above our TV given to us by one of our high school teachers. We love it!

This is me in our kitchen making one of our favorite recipes, Chinese Veggie Noodles!

This is our hallway. It is lined with albums that Tyler either recorded or did the artwork for. He's so talented!

This is our bathroom. There's not really much to say about it except, "how jealous are you that you don't have an American flag in your shower?" A comment from one of our friends about the flag in our shower made me laugh hysterically the other day. He said, "It's gotta be hard to wash with one hand. You know, with your other hand over your heart the whole time."

This is our extremely crowded bedroom. Behind us is our closet and above our bed is a charcoal drawing I did a year ago. 

All of Tyler's clothes, photography things, camping things and rock climbing things are stuffed into this bedroom, along with all of my clothes and most of my crafting supplies. 

Like I've said before, what I love about my home is who I share it with. Tyler and I have been mostly patient with each other and it's worked out very well so far.

Have a good week everyone!

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